What To Wear To A Job Interview


You applied for a job. You got an interview call, you are on the cloud nine because you are feeling out of this world. Your excitement levels are sky-rocketing. You want to get this job no matter what. When you thought you are all set to nail the interview, suddenly a question pops in your mind- “What To Wear To A Job Interview”? Scroll down and get your question answered.

You don’t want to be over-dressed. At the same time, you don’t want to be under-dressed either. You want to make the mark with your presence. You are nervous and excited at the same time. If you are a brand, your clothes are your label. The way CV helps you to get the interview call, your clothes helps you to make the fantastic first impression.

So, here are some points to keep in mind.

  • Dress as per your profile. If you belong to the creative industry then you can skip wearing too formal shirt and pant.
  • Ask the HR department about the dress code of the company. It varies from company to company.

  • Iron your clothes a night before if it is a morning interview or at least 4 hours before the interview time if it is an evening interview.

  • Keep you clothes, accessories ready at one place.

  • If you are not confident, then even a three piece suit from Giorgio Armani won’t help you to nail that interview. So, be confident, it matters the most.



Men’s formal wear is easy to select. Take a chill pill. For too formal dress code like a business suit, go for a solid coloured shirt. Otherwise, a crisp shirt pant is okay. Wear a tie if you want to. If you are wearing black shoes, go for a black belt. Don’t mix and match black and brown belts and shoes. Also, avoid checks and prints. If you want to go with checks, big checks are a big no.



You have to look boring at work, said no one ever. If you want to wear western formals, opt for a pencil skirt or a pair of trousers with pastel shirts. Style it up with a scarf. If you want to wear Indian western wear then go for Kurti and Churidar. Keep the accessories minimal. Go for natural makeup. More than makeup, it is that mind make up that makes you stand out. If you want to apply nail paint, apply it properly or f you don’t want, remove it properly. Chipped nail paint is a big turn off you know. Heels are perfectly fine as long as your walk comfortable in it.

PS- If you want to wear pumps or peep toes, go for a pedicure.

Dressing appropriately for an interview makes you win half battle. :)  So, follow these tips and rock that interview. Good Luck!!!