Vishal Loyalty Program

Let your shopping pay for itself! Join Vishal Loyalty Program.

As Vishal Loyalty member, you can:

  • Earn rewards for every shopping at Vishal stores*
  • Get exclusive offers
  • Redeem points at any Vishal store for cash discount*

* This is how it works:

  • Earn 1 point for every Rs. 100 worth of shopping
  • 1 Point = 0.50 paisa
  • Earn double points at Vishal stores on weekdays (Monday-Friday) before 4.00 PM
  • Minimum redemption for 20 points and greater
  • Detailed terms and conditions are available here

Join Vishal Loyalty Program

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Terms and Conditions

  1. The Vishal Loyalty Program Membership is issued by and remains the property of Vishal Mega Mart (“Vishal”).
  2. Any person, who (i) is an individual resident of India (such term has meaning ascribed to it under Income Tax Act, 1961), ((ii) of eighteen (18) years of age & above and has the capacity to contract and (iii) either makes specified purchases or pays fees or completes transactions as per the prevailing terms of Vishal can become a member (“Member”) of Vishal Loyalty Program (“Program”) upon furnishing true, accurate and complete personal information at the retail outlets of Vishal affiliate participating in the Program(“Store”)
  3. The customer, on intimation by the store employee about the Program, shall furnish his / her personal details (name, age, gender, mobile number, etc.) to become a member of the Program. Furnishing of personal information shall be deemed to be acceptance of the terms and conditions set out herein and additional terms and conditions as specified by Vishal from time to time (“Additional Terms and Conditions”) are available at the Store upon request. The applicant/the user of the Program (“Member”) hereby acknowledges that he/she has understood and accept the terms and conditions set out herein and the Additional Terms and Conditions and that the same shall be binding upon him/her and he/she shall not dispute the same.
  4. Members shall be entitled to earn the points only at the Store on purchase of goods and/or services from such Store, and payment in respect thereof, in accordance with policies and/or schemes introduced or prevailing at the time of use of program (“Points”).
  5. Mobile number should be presented to the cashier or authorized personnel before billing or completion of transaction to earn Points, failing which points will not be credited and Vishal shall not be responsible for the same. Member shall be solely responsible to ensure that points and transactions are properly credited by the Store representative. No requests for retro-credit (past purchase) will be entertained.
  6. Detailed Terms for use of Program, Accumulation of Points, validity of Points and process of redeeming the same are set out in the Additional Terms and Conditions (available on request at the Store) and the policies and/or schemes introduced or prevailing at the time of use of the Program.
  7. Vishal will not be responsible for any loss of Points due to loss or misuse of the Program.
  8. Points cannot be encashed.
  9. Vishal may disclose data relating to an applicant or a Member:
    • a. to any affiliate/associate/associates/partners/group companies/agent/sub-contractor of Vishal and/or to any person or entity for developing or communicating any offers or services, unless otherwise duly informed by the member at our designated customer service helpline.
    • b. to the extent required to be disclosed by operation of law by any regulatory authority or any binding judgment, order or requirement of any court of Law or other competent authority. Cardholder hereby unconditionally permits such disclosures.
  10. All disputes in connection with the Program are subject to the laws of India and subject to Jurisdiction of Gurgaon Court.
  11. Vishal reserves the right to change/amend/add/delete/modify, without assigning any reasons whatsoever, terms and conditions of the Program including without limitation the rate of awarding Points, the rate of redeeming Points, validity of Points and the qualifying purchases from time to time or to withdraw or terminate the membership of any Member without being responsible or liable to any person in any manner whatsoever. Members acknowledge that it may not be possible for Vishal to ensure that all such changes/amendments/additions/deletions/modifications are informed to Members. Accordingly Members are advised to check for any such changes/ amendments/ additions/ deletions/ modification regularly at the Store.
  12. It is clarified and eventually deemed to be agreed by the applicant at the time of furnishing personal details for the benefit under this Program, that this Program has been launched for the benefit of the customers on purely gracious basis and does in no way entitle the member/applicant to claim any benefit or consideration in any manner from the Company.