Festive Season Is Here Already

So here we are, marching towards the end of the fantastic 2018 as October approaches. For all the fashionistas out there, 2018 has been a splendid year and every single day was spent in the most fashionable way possible. Every season was embraced with the most trending garbs everywhere by…


How To Look Fab At Every Age

  Age is just a number and sophistication is ageless. As you grow old, don’t you feel that a particular outfit won’t suit your “age”. Modify that outfit, be yourself and you are all set to rock the look. This is the perfect answer to the question “How To Look…


Latest Women’s Fashion- 8 Must Have Fresh Arrivals by Viveza’s Latest Collection

Fashion has various perceptions and definitions. To some, it’s style. To some, it’s comfort. To some, it is the way they carry themselves. Fashion is all about being yourself. Comfort is something that will never go out of style. Nothing is more fashionable than being comfortable in your skin. When…


#GroomItUp- 10 Men Grooming Tips To Make You Look Great

  What? Are you surprised (should I say shocked?) that men and grooming are there in the same sentence? If no, you are keeping up with 21st century very well. If yes, then my friend you are not living in stone age. You also are living in the 21st century….


Latest Women Tees and Tops from Mavie’s latest Collection

Ladies, our wardrobe is full of Tees and Tops and still we look out for more. Tees and Tops are so comfortable. They are the perfect casual wear. Just pair it up with Denims and heels and you are all set. If heels are not your cup of tea, you…


Fashion Advice & Style Tips for Women

  Fashion and women are made for each other. They are each other’s soul mate. Their match is made in heaven. When it comes to fashion and style, we are not as lucky as celebrities. We can’t afford to have a stylist who is available for us every time and…


Latest Fashion Trends for Men

Gone are those days when fashion and style were associated with women only. Men are walking the down the fashion lane now. Fashion and style don’t discriminate. Every one has the right to be fabulously stylish and fashionable. Dear men, refresh your style with Myvishal’s Spring Summer collection. Our collection…