Most Flaunted Summer Tops this season !

We are in July – the onset of monsoon !  - the schools reopen, kids trudging back. The college goers put their best foot forward, with both style and attitude! Thank God, the long scorching summer has taken turn towards a wetter days. So there are lot of things that are on…


Latest Women’s Fashion- 8 Must Have Fresh Arrivals by Viveza’s Latest Collection

Fashion has various perceptions and definitions. To some, it’s style. To some, it’s comfort. To some, it is the way they carry themselves. Fashion is all about being yourself. Comfort is something that will never go out of style. Nothing is more fashionable than being comfortable in your skin. When…


Latest Women Tees and Tops from Mavie’s latest Collection

Ladies, our wardrobe is full of Tees and Tops and still we look out for more. Tees and Tops are so comfortable. They are the perfect casual wear. Just pair it up with Denims and heels and you are all set. If heels are not your cup of tea, you…


10 Makeup Tips & Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Most of the times, women love to wear makeup. Ladies, makeup is all about technique. Right technique gives you best results in less time. Practice helps you to master the art of make up. With the help of these 10 Makeup tips & tricks, get everything perfectly right. 1. Concealer-…