Why Smart Shoppers Prefer MyVishal Over Others?

Shopaholics or rather smart-shopaholics buy more from MyVishal than they do from other shopping websites. Why?


Is it the brand, the low price, or the quality of products? Or is it the goodwill of over 30 years of bargain retailing in India that makes smart-shoppers visit Vishal Mega Mart and its 2 years young shopping website over and over again?

When talking about buyer’s decision and not just any but smart buyer’s decision, many factors come into play.

Factors that make MyVishal their favorite:

It Has In-House Fashion-Designing Team


Shh…letting you in on a little secret!

Many do not know, but people who know this are attracted to MyVishal because it has its own fashion-designing team of top-notch professionals, all hailing from top designing institutes of the country.

Getting into newly designed apparels every season! Pretty Smart!

Its Employees Buy Most Of Its Stuffs


A great economist once said, “Who knows better, but the shopkeeper.”

Almost 65-70% employees of Vishal buy its own merchandise. Though they do not show everything off at office. (Yeah, you know better!) However, they flaunt the products everywhere else.

Another secret that only few know is, Vishal’s employees can avail a high two-figure discount at all the retail stores across country. Even then most of them prefer MyVishal. You know why? Because fresh merchandises go live on MyVishal first.

Hey, this all was insider’s information. Just pretend you didn’t read it here.

High Quality Merchandise At Extremely Low Price


Every buyer knows the catch of discount. At least the smart ones do.

Most shopping places mark their products on a higher than original cost price and give discount on the new price (Marked Price). You think you grabbed an awesome deal by luck, but in reality the company still benefits.

What shoppers like about Vishal Mega Mart is that it sells the same high-quality merchandise on MyVishal as it does on its retail shops and that too on the same price, which is by far the lowest you can find in the market. The transparency is what they like.

Apparels Only


Do you know? MyVishal is: Apparels Only.

“Even then shopaholics prefer this portal?” Something is not adding up!

Well, apart from the above listed reasons, what buyers or rather smart-buyers like about Vishal is that it is an enterprise, which has decades of experience in its core. They know this enterprise is a big player and without proper experience it will not jump into e-commerce platform with every other category it has.

They are in on only what they know best and can deliver best.

Hassle Free Shopping


People who have visited Vishal Mega Mart even once, know what quality they get at unbelievably low price.

And when you can get everything at your doorstep at same price then why not!

Means hassle free shopping without waiting in queues and even then getting the same reliability of the brand.