How ‘Shri Krishna Janmashtami’ is Celebrated In India

Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare”


The Mahamantra brings you closer to Lord Krishna. It is the petition to the divine lord- Please engage me in your service. When you chant Mahamantra, you feel attached to the God. You must have chanted and heard this Mahamantra so many times.

‘Shri Krishna Janmashtamiis around the corner. ‘Shri Krishna’ bhakts are so excited and happy. Lord Krishna holds a significant place in our hearts. India is a land of diverse cultures. To know how ‘Shri Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated in India is important for us.

According to Hindu Calender, Shri Krishna was born in the month of Shravana. Shri Krishna lovers observe fast on this day. Some of them neither eat anything nor drink even a single drop of water. Some consume just fruits and juices. They stay up till the midnight because legend says midnight marks the birth of the Lord. When the clock strikes 12, the enthusiasm of Shri Krishna lovers is at the peak.

After feeding the Lord with delicacies, the followers break the fast. While they welcome Lord, they sing bhajans as their expression of love for Shri Krishna. Some followers read “Bhagwat Gita”. Some Shri Krishna lovers go temples to see the grand celebration.

In Delhi ‘Shri Krishna Janmashtami‘ in Birla Mandir, Akshardham Temple and ISKCON is celebrated in full swing. They witness preparations days before the Janmashtami.

In Mathura and Vrindavan, the festival is celebrated with enthusiasm at the grand scale. Mathura is the birthplace of Shri Krishna. In ‘ Bankey Bihari Temple’, Vrindavan the D-day is celebrated with excitement and happiness. ‘Rasleela’ is performed in Vrindavan. It is a form of dance which Shri Krishna performed with the Gopis.

In Maharastra, ‘Dahi Handi’, where young boys called ‘Govindas’ form the human pyramid to crack handi is performed. Sometimes, there are ‘Dahi Handi’ competitions are organized where the winner wins cash prize.

In Manipur, the festival is known as ‘Krishna Janma’. Govindaji Temple and ISKCON Temple witness the celebrations at the full swing.

Krishna lovers are drenched in colours of Krishna love. This day holds a special place in their heart. Some lovers have ‘Ladoo Gopal’ in their homes. They buy new clothes and jewellery and dress them beautifully on this auspicious day. They decorate their temples with beautiful and fragrant flowers.

How are you celebrating Krishna Janmashtami? We would love to know. :)