Monsoon Fashion Tips- What to Wear When the Rainy Season Starts

Finally, it is that time of the year when God blesses us with natural showers. You never know when it starts pouring. It is bright and sunny and blink, the weather is dark and gloomy. It is the perfect vampirish weather. It is the time when you switch off your A/Cs and almighty switches on the natural A/Cs for all of us. This is the beauty of this season you see.


Don’t let the rain stop you from embracing fashion. Don’t worry about the threats these rains pour up on you. Worrying is such a waste of time. You know it, right? Dress to kill, even in rains. Just be a little careful and look gorgeous. Here are 7 fashion tips that will help you decide what to wear when it rains. :)


Be as innovative and creative as you can be.

1. Be a Colourista- Beat the gloomy weather with bright and poppy shades. Let it rain colour. Bad weather can be monotonous. Break the monotony with bright shades. Avoid 50 shades of grey and black.


2. Accessorise- An umbrella is all what you need. It serves dual purpose. It saves you from unexpected showers as well as it acts as an accessory. Good thing is that this accessory won’t cost you much. Come out of your comfort zone and experiment with colourful umbrellas.


3. Waterproof Make-up- Make waterproof make-up your best friend in rains. You don’t want your make up to smudge out, especially during rains. You are already dealing with rains, do not let make-up bother you.

woman  applying dry cosmetic tonal foundation  on the face

4. Take Care of Your Hair- Increased level of humidity makes your hair frizzy and unmanageable. Take extra care of your hair, wash it properly.4

5. Wear Comfortable Fabric- Cotton fabric is best for your skin. It will absorb all the sweat. Synthetic fabric is a big no. It will stick to your body when you will be wet. So go for airy stuff.


6. Go Gaga with Rain Boots- Rain boots will protect your feet from wetness. You can step out easily and comfortably. Rain boots look hot and cute at the same time. Experiment with different colours.


7. Footcare with Footwear- Wear flip flops, they are so made for this season. They will bear the roughness and toughness of naughty rains. You can also wear closed shoes to keep your feet clean from muddy water out there. If your shoes are wet, let them dry naturally. Using dryers would cause damage beyond repair.