How To Make Shirt Pants Look More Sophisticated


When it comes to clothes, women are blessed with an abundance of options. They have a closet full of the variety of clothes. (Every other day they feel like they have nothing to wear, that’s a different story. :P)

Men have less clothing options as compared to lovely ladies. It is not a problem you see. Because, less is more. Right? You know men clothing is so simple.

Shirt pants are the staple wear for men. Shirt pants and men are so made for each other. It can be your work wear, casual wear and leisure wear as well. Play cool with it and you will look smart. (Should we say handsome?) Shirt pants are the ultimate sophistication. Aren’t they?

You can make the shirt pant look more sophisticated and elegant. Just scroll down to know how.

1. Colour Coding




When done right, colour coding makes you look great. Break the monotony with colours. Light shirt works wonder with dark pants. No wonder black and white makes a fabulous colour combination.
All you need is a shirt-pant colour combination to look classy.


2. Right Fitting is the Key




Yes!!! It is the key to unlock awesomeness. Right fitting is the basic cloth etiquette. No matter how expensive your clothes are, if the fit is not perfect then you, my friend are not wearing it right.

3. Add Some Patterns and Prints




Patterns and prints bring the breath of fresh air. Floral prints and geometric patterns are super trendy. Add shirts with prints and patterns to your wardrobe and you are all set.


4. Exercise Your Right to Accessorise




Everyone in this world has a right to accessorise but not everyone exercises their right. Wear tie, bow, scarf, watch, hats, aviators, suspenders etc. to transform a boring shirt into an interesting shirt. It will give a refreshing look to a monotonous shirt.


5. Apt Footwear Is a Must




We can’t stress more on the importance of appropriate footwear. Let’s suppose you are wearing a well ironed crisp shirt and pant and your footwear is sports shoes. You know your footwear says that you are all set to climb the mountains.

PS- Casual shoes and loafers are good to go with shirt pant.

So pick colour wisely, ensure proper fitting, experiment with patterns and prints, accessorise, pick apt footwear and thank us later. Happy styling gentlemen. :)