How To Look Fab At Every Age



Age is just a number and sophistication is ageless. As you grow old, don’t you feel that a particular outfit won’t suit your “age”. Modify that outfit, be yourself and you are all set to rock the look. This is the perfect answer to the question “How To Look Fab At Every Age”.

Dressing up is an art. Everything gets better with age. So does your dressing sense. Dressing up according to your age compliments your personality. It makes you look wow. Scroll down and have a look at these age-appropriate dressing and styling tips. You are welcome!!! :)

Trendy 20′s




You are at your peak during 20′s. Your energy levels are highly infectious. It is an apt age for experimenting, so don’t shy away from experiments.

Make tees, casual jackets, regular denim and cool sneakers an important part of your wardrobe. First half of your 20′s, you spend as a student. These apparel perfectly reflects your youth and high energy. 20 something Bollywood actors adore this look.

P.S.- 20′s is all about coolness and latest trends.

Sophisticated 30′s




30′s is all about effortless style and sophistication. You spend most of the time working and meeting new people. You are more inclined towards grooming, they way you look, the way you dress and the way you carry yourself.

Casual blazers give you a perfecto semi-formal look. Graphic tees complement casual blazers very well. They are so made for each other. This is the staple look of 30 something Bollywood actors.

P.S.- Wearing denim is an ageless affair. You can pull it off at any age.

Graceful 40′s




40′s is all about stability. You have conquered your biggest fears and challenges thrown by life. Your kids are not that much dependent on you. Your life is smoother now.

Befriend formal suits, shirts, trousers and shoes at this age. It is the perfect look for (semi) formal events. It makes a lethal combination. It reflects your style.

This is the signature style of 40 something Bollywood actors.

P.S.- You will dazzle this look.

Classy 50′s




Now that you’ve graced gracefully; you can master the art of dressing well, even at your 50′s.

Linen shirts paired up with jeans and accessorised by a sleeveless jacket, makes you a living definition of classy.

This look is the staple wear of 50 something Bollywood actors.

P.S.- You will be the epitome of style, trust us.