Kurtas & Kurtis – Culture, Identity , Fashion !

While we should not judge a book by the cover, first impressions do matter and so is our fashion quotient which is largely the first impression model. Over the ages, clothes have become an integral part of fashion which again takes lot of inspiration from cultural identities that we all inherit and carry forward. Within India, we look at the major divide between various parts of the country and the major divide is due to the food, culture, language and not to miss the all important clothing.

People in India have embraced western wear with both hands. Denims Jeans, Dresses, tops and other western dresses are immensely popular but traditional clothes in India for men and women are hugely popular because of the cultural stigma associates that Kurta &  Kurtis and ethnic dresses are mostly sported in festivals and traditional formal occasions. But the value of the Kurta and Kurtis is often underplayed when you limit the use of the same to a few occasions.



Our memories of Madhubala is still fresh when she played the slave girl character in the movie Mughal-e-Azam and today after 60 years later the design and fashion is still relevant.

While the free flowing long tunic Kurta is reminiscent of the Mughal era, this is hugely popular when it comes to the traditional Kurtas. The grandeur of the anarkali can be felt in most of the movies where it comes with traditional mughal fervour will definitely have a anarkali dance and a song around it.





Indian ladies kurtis for women can easily be termed as the daughter of good old fashioned long kurtas. In the early days kurtas were used in northern India mainly but with time it has spread to the other parts of the country Short to medium length Kurtis are the most handly ethnic style dressing that you can ever find. The most intelligent way to wear this all season all purpose clothing is to mix and match as per the purpose and use.

This can be worn over a jeans with the same elan as over a churidar making it something that is sure to make a place in every woman’s wardrobe .

Look at this dress, made of viscose with prints all over, this is a head turner who can flaunt their attitude up their sleeves and announce to the world that kurtis could also be dashing if the right fit and and the right mix is chosen. Fabric, colour, fit and prints would be crucial to make it a hit or a miss. What do you say?


Think a tad different away from the notion that the kurtis are only for the old and for the religious functions. Fusion is the latest mantra in fashion. The wilder you think the more chic you become. Latest in the series is the layered kurtas that we all see women adorning these days and why not? Mixing with a jacket design or layering it with pretty floral scarfs and embellishments and frills, this new trend is sure to set the ramps of traditional wear ablaze.  You can do a zillion things when it comes to mixing things up. Play with collars be it mandarin collared or  flared collars, suit with a jacket style layer or a simply  contrast colour printed layers.

All said and done, the new order is to be a different, look attractive, play with colour and designs and stand out in the crowd.


When it comes to having options to choose from, kurtis not so surprisingly are at the top the charts. The ethnic world set open the doors to multitude of styles, with subtle hints and peeks into traditional motifs with newer designs. No wonder we have over 100 plus designs of Kurtas and Kurtis that you can shop for yourself. With exquisite designs at real prices , this is a no brainer that you should order one for your self. Now.