Know Your Accessories- You Don’t Need More Clothes, You Need More Accessories


Accessories is a life saviour. It adds a dash of glamour to your overall personality.

It is like cooking oil. You know the flavours of a particular ingredient are enhanced when cooked in a specific oil. Same goes with accessories. A particular accessory can make you look like a bombshell. Believe us.

Here is a fun fact- We accessories without even knowing it. We wear footwear, watches on the daily basis, scarves every other day. They all are a part of the accessory family. We are listing major fashion accessories for you. Try them, correction, try them appropriately. You will fall in love with them and people will fall in love with your styling sense.

1. Eye Wear

Embrace your eyewear. If you wear spectacles bingo, make a style statement with quirky frames. Geeky eyewear is so cool & trendy. If you want to move one step forward go for animal printed, neon coloured frames.


Embrace sun with fab sunglasses. Reflectors will rescue you. You can have an eternal affair with aviators. It is forever fashionable. Ladies, go catty with cat eyes frame.

PS- Gone are the days when eyewear used to be dull and boring.

2. Belts

Belts do a wonderful job by keeping your pants at the place. Who said that belts have to be monotonous and always in black colour? No one. Right?


So, go for different colours and buckles. Skinny belts works wonder with trousers/ pants and broad belts add an element to your dress.

3. Scarves

Scarves do much more than keeping dust away from your beautiful face and protect you from chilly winter winds. It does enhance your neckline. Have at least printed and solid scarf in your closet.



4. Jewellery

Jewellery lovers are of two types. One is minimal and the other one is blingy. All you jewellery fans, we have two words for you- mix and match but don’t go overboard. Either keep your neck heavy or your ears heavy. Headgears and ear cuffs are a big hit this season. Try them.


5. Handbags

Sling bags, tote, clutch, casual bag, blingy party clutch, handbags come in different shapes and sizes. And we love them all. Make a style statement with handbags, it is easy. You can match it with the colour of your belt, shoes etc. or you can go for contrasting colours.


So, what are you waiting for, exercise your right to exercise and add an element of style to your outfits.