Jeans – the second skin and identity of our generation

Jeans, as a fashion apparel , have long appealed to the masses as has become a must in everyones wardrobe. It would not be too exagerated to say that the jeans still uplifts the modern generation. A sneak peek into the history suggests that what started as a utility dress for miners and factory workers, now has become casual cool dress code, day in and day out for all ages.  Jeans has been revolutionised the way it is worn and for the kind of reasons it is worn. WAVELENGTH MEN WASHED LIGHT BLUE JEANS

For Men, it could be a ” casual no work ” wear  or a semi casual semi formal wear at work. There is no denial at work that this is one type of apparel where you need not be too cautious about maintaining the same unlike #cotton or other #formal wear You can be as carefree as you can at the same time you could be as presentable as required. Mens wardrobes are not as elaborate as women. The basics have to be taken care and so say the least it is easiest to have a pair of basic colour demins so that it could serve multiple purposes. Your easy wear, casual wear, evening wear or a party wear and it does comes in washed, skinny, slim, distressed and many more options to choose from.WAVELENGTH WOMEN SOLID GREY JEANS

For Women, this has been one of most convenient, fast-fashion-option  which is making their lives chic simple convenient and easy. They seem to have a special obsession for Jeans as this gives them a chance and a choice to flaunt their attitude vivaciously. Be it curvy or petite , they are sure to find the perfect pair for themselves. Spoilt for choice women have taken the world in stride because they can pair it up with any kind of footwear like Hi Tops, Trainers, Stillettoes, Wedges, ankleboots or Kitten heels to say the least. All in all it can said that you could be in any profession, any kind of a person, you can be away from a smart pair of jeans which could be also easy on your pockets. Colors galore, convenience unmatched, Jeans is sure to make you to the next fashion diva.

Bon shopping!!