#GroomItUp- 10 Men Grooming Tips To Make You Look Great


What? Are you surprised (should I say shocked?) that men and grooming are there in the same sentence? If no, you are keeping up with 21st century very well. If yes, then my friend you are not living in stone age. You also are living in the 21st century. Here men take pride in grooming up. :)




Today’s men have no qualms being metro-sexual. Dear men, there is no harm in grooming. Don’t shy away from it. Grooming makes you handsome from outside and confident from inside out. Groom it up gentlemen. It enhances your overall personality.

There is much more to grooming other than bathing, brushing, flossing, shaving etc. Indeed, all these are very good habits. Following your daily routine is good. You just need to move one step forward. Here are few grooming tips that will make you more desirable.

1. Be Hygienic
Bath regularly to prevent body odour and skin problems. Wash your hair frequently to avoid dandruff and hair woes. If your socks/shoes stink make sure to apply plenty of talcum powder. Basic hygiene etiquette helps you to look smart and fresh.




2. Comb It Up
Combing up your hair helps you to look neat and clean. Everyone steps out after properly combing his/ her hair. But after that, don’t just forget your hair. Whenever you hit the loo, just set your hair. If you carry a comb, that’s great. If you don’t then no issues. Use your fingers to set your hair.




3. Take Care Of That Beard
If you shave regularly, that’s nice. If you like your beard look then take care of your beard. Trim it frequently.




4. Apply Moisturiser
After bathing, don’t forget to apply moisturiser on your hands and arms. It will keep your skin healthy and hydrated.




5. Prevent Sweat Stains
Sweating is natural and unavoidable, everyone sweats. But sweat stains are gross and a big turn off. Sweat stains under your arms are a big no. Use deodorants spray to control your sweat and save yourself from embarrassment.




6. Smell Fresh
Freshness smells great. Didn’t it? Apply deodorants or perfumes, it will help you to smell nice and fresh. Apply light fragrance during daytime and apply strong fragrance during night time.




7. Keep Acne At Bay
Acne freaks us out. That’s the thing about acne, it demands to be treated. So take extra care of your face. Wash your face twice with medicinal cleaner and apply anti- acne creams on it. Don’t touch your face, it would prevent it to get worse.




8. Use Appropriate Products
A little bit of skin lotion or hair serum won’t threaten your masculinity. Using such products will help you to look good. It will do wonders to your personality.




9. Cut your nails
Yes, cutting your nails would enhance the beauty of your hands. It would keep you away from germs as well. Because nails act as a home for germs. FYI, Girls who grow their nail long do clean and file it regularly.




10. Say no collar curls
Crisp shirts and curly collar are so not made for each other. Always, wear an ironed shirt to keep those collar curls at bay.




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Have a good day!!!