Fashion Advice & Style Tips for Women



Fashion and women are made for each other. They are each other’s soul mate. Their match is made in heaven. When it comes to fashion and style, we are not as lucky as celebrities. We can’t afford to have a stylist who is available for us every time and every where. Fashion can make your look good but if you don’t style up nicely, it can make you look as horrible as a nightmare. Ladies, you don’t have to worry. is here to take care of all your fashion needs. Just follow this simple yet significant advice and be a fashionista. Here we present latest fashion advice & style tips for women. Read it first and thank us later. :)

1. Know your fit- When it comes to clothing, perfect fit is such a bliss. Don’t wear clothes that are either too tight or too lose for your body. Too tight clothes won’t fit you well and too loose clothes would make you look dowdy. So, never underestimate importance of the perfect fit.


2. Don’t over Accessories- The perfect place of your extra jewellery is jewellery box, not your ears, hands or neck. A chunky neck piece would look killer when you pair it up with your kurti. Wearing danglers with that chunky neck peice would kill your look. Keep your focus on one accessory only. If you really want to wear earrings then stick to studs, stones or small baalis.


3. Scarf it up- Experiment with scarves. Be as creative as you want to. Scarf can make a plain, simple shirt look exciting. Wrap the magic of scarf around your neck and see how different you will look. You can wear it on kurti as well as shirt.


4. Be comfortable in your own skin- Nothing is sexier than comfort. If you are not comfortable wearing that 6 inches heel; do you think you will look sexy when you will fall so bad. No matter in which century we live, sprained ankle would never be the new cool. If flat is your cup of tea then stick to it. Off course there is no harm in experimenting. But who told you that you can’t look good in flats?


5. Stay away from peer pressure- Yup. Stay away as far as you can from this peer pressure. If your friends are killing that crop top and you feel that you are not comfortable flashing your skin off then don’t do that. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Comfort is the something that will never go out of fashion.


6. Don’t go for double pattern- If you are wearing a printed tee or kurti then pairing it up with a printed leggings or floral pants won’t look good. Instead if you will pair it up with a plain lower, preferably coloured, you will look fab. Pick colour from your print only.