How To Dress Up According To Your Body Type

Dressing up is an art. Knowing your body type will help you to master this art. Pick up right clothes for your body type. Go ahead and find what type of body do you have.


SS- Short and Slim

If you are Short & Slim you can-

  1. Opt for slim fit pants and avoid body hugging ones.
  2. To get that tall look, go for single colour or similar colour tones.
  3. Chuck multi buttoned jackets out of your closet and wear single buttoned jackets only.
  4. Wear V neck T-shirts and Polos.


short and slim

Try to avoid:-

  1. Anything bulky on your feet.
  2. Absolutely clingy clothes
  3. Anything with vertical stripes. It will make you look more lean and thin.
  4. Layer clothing.

TT- Thin and Tall

If you are Thin and Tall you can-

  1. Go for pants with pleats & pockets. Cargo pants or wide legged jeans will compliment your looks.
  2. Opt for blazers that are padded at the shoulders and loose from the waist line. You are made to sport such cool apparel.

thin and tall
Try to avoid:-

  1. Slim fit shorts are a big no. Do you want to look more thin than you already are?
  2. Round neck tees are not your cup of tea.

PB- Neither Too Tall nor Too Short- Pot-bellied

If you’re neither too tall nor too Short- Pot-bellied, you can-

  1. Swap straight legged pants with slim fit ones.
  2. Wear a round neck or a polo neck tee, it is totally your thing.
  3. Pick a shirt and roll up your sleeves for that stud look.
  4. Unzip or unbutton your jackets so that your belly won’t be the focus point of your personality.
  5. Pull off that short capri look, it will actually shift the focus from you little paunch.

Try to avoid :-

  1. Undersized clothes, that hugs your little belly. Go for next size and conceal your paunch.
  2. Bell bottom jeans, they are simply not made for you. Let it go.
  3. Jackets or blazer that goes below your mid thighs. It will make you look shorter than you already are.


TB- Tall, Broad and Muscular : 
If you’re Tall, Broad and Muscular, you can-

  1. Sport jackets/ blazers that fits your shoulder well, narrows a bit on your waist and makes an A shape and show off your suave V-shaped built.
  2. Adorn V-neck tees. It will compliment your looks.
  3. Wear dark colours, make black colour your best friend to get that sleek look.

Try to Avoid :-

  1. Skinny pants, they are not made for you.
  2. Layers are not for you. If you still want to opt for layering, keep it unbuttoned and let the top layer flow.
  3. Too tight apparels, it will make it look as off your body will rip that off.