8 Latest Kurti Trends- Wear Kurti With Style


Kurtis are absolute comfort. That is why women adore it. Thank you Kurtis for making our summers bearable. Kurti is an ethnic attire that is loved by women of all shapes and sizes. There is something about Kurtis that makes you look gorgeous. Women love to embrace tradition with style. Here are 8 latest Kurti trends that will help you to wear Kurti with Style.

1. Kaftans

Kaftans are like a robe which is tied around the waist, for the support it has loose ended sleeves. Kaftan was always there on the fashion scene. The traditional kurtis are modified for good and named as kaftans. Kaftan are loved by women who prefer comfortable apparel and still they want to keep it up with fashion. Kaftan magnifies comfort factor.

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2. Print it up

Go digital when it comes to prints. Digital prints are so in. In digital printing, as the name suggests, digital medium is used for printing any design or image on the fabric. Fabulous deal with the digital prints is that flawless quality of print is printed on the fabric. Geometrical prints, floral prints, tribal prints, human figures, mythological figures, animal prints are popular picks in digital prints.


3. Cottony Touch

If you ask what is the most loved and preferred Indian wear then the answer is cotton kurtis. The reason for such love is that the fine quality of cloth provides super comfort. If you raid a women’s closet, don’t be surprised if it is flooded with cotton kurtis.

4. Go Neon

Neon shades are ruling runaways. They look so hot and cool at the same time. Hot pink, neon green, neon yellow, neon orange etc. are the awesome shades to choose from. Don’t go overboard with styling. If your upper is neon coloured then keep your lower in a subtle colour. You can complement your look with contrasting colours.


5. Length is the key

Long length is stirring up a storm in the fashion industry. Long kurtis look so elegant. You can choose from floor length anarkalis, Pakistani Kurtis, straight fit kurtis etc. Anarkalis go well with your function wear, Pakistani kurtis is perfect for your hangouts and straight fit kurti is fabulous for your office wear.


6. Kill it with Lowers

Your absolutely good looking kurti would look not so good if you won’t pair it up with apt lowers. We are so lucky that we have plenty of options to pair up with Kurtis. Like salwaar, churidar, palazzo pants, harrem pants, leggings and jeans etc. Short length kurtis look elegant with harrem pants and jeans. Medium length kurtis go well with salwaar. Long length kurtis look absolutely gorgeous with palazzo pants, churidars leggings etc.6

7. Skirt it up

Pairing a skirt with kurti breaks the monotony. It is such a refreshing look. Long ghagara skirt and short length kurti are made for each other. Pair skirt and kurti and dress like a pro.



8. Install the stole

When in doubt wear stole. When nothing seems right, install the stole. It looks effortlessly beautiful.
Stall is the best accessory for kurti. If your kurti is plain, opt for printed stall and if your kurti is printed, opt for plain stall. If you want to adorn a stole then keep those lovely neck pieces in your jewellery box only. Stall is like an accessory, just like a neck piece.