10 Makeup Tips & Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Most of the times, women love to wear makeup. Ladies, makeup is all about technique. Right technique gives you best results in less time. Practice helps you to master the art of make up. With the help of these 10 Makeup tips & tricks, get everything perfectly right.

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1. Concealer- To avoid crease on your eye lids, never ever apply concealer (or foundation) as a base on your eyelids.


2. Foundation- If you want absolute coverage apply foundation using your fingers. If you want medium to full coverage, pick up a foundation brush.How-to-Apply-Foundation-with-A-Brush-1

3. Powder- Start applying powder with your T-zone, since it is your shiniest zone of your face. Then apply power with light dusting on your cheeks.Powder

4. Bronzer- To make your skin tone even, apply bronzer on your face, neck and chest. Make sure to use same colour tone.

Young tanned woman with blond hair.

5. Blush- Smile and then start applying blush on the apple of your cheek. Then blend the blush towards to the top of the ear and then come down to your jawline.


6. Eyebrow- To lift your face, apply eye brow pencil to the upper portion of the brow.


7. Lipstick – Be sure that your lipstick is not defining too much of top of your lip. Take a tissue and blot extra lipstick off. It helps to get rid off extra lipstick and it makes your lipstick last long.


8. Eye Shadow- Start with a shimmerless base shadow that matches your skin colour. Apply it all over your lid to the brow. This base shadow makes sure that darker shadow is properly blended with your crease.


9.Eye Liner- Replace looking straight ahead, with getting as close as possible to the mirror. Stick your head up and chin down, Start applying liner with inner corner, go all the way out to the outside of your beautiful eyes.

Makeup. Perfect Make-up Applying closeup. Eyeliner

10. Mascara- Mascara dries out quickly, so feather soft motions won’t help you. For a clean application, stick the wand into the root of the eye lash and apply mascara.